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Prepare To Transfer Assets To The Next Generation

We all know that our lives will end someday, but we often prefer not to think about that fact more often than necessary. Nonetheless, a thoughtful approach to estate planning takes an entire family’s welfare into account.

You can create your legacy according to your wishes through testamentary documents such as:

  • A will
  • One or more trusts

If you do not have a will, we urge you to prepare at least a streamlined version. The peace of mind alone is a compelling reason to get started on your estate plan or bring it up to date.

Beyond A Simple Will

You may need to update or expand your will in response to changes in your family and/or finances. Have you gotten married or divorced, become a parent, become a business owner or received an inheritance? These are strategic times to turn the spotlight on your estate plan.

Our lawyers at Sarah Cornejo Law, LLC in Woodstock are available to help you determine what portions of an estate plan you want to tackle first, then you can build on your estate plan as you are ready to do more – perhaps by creating a trust to enable the beneficiaries of your assets to avoid or simplify probate processes. Or perhaps you want to avoid probate for certain assets? Our lawyers can assist with your estate planning by explaining and evaluating whether other vehicles such as beneficiaries and rights of survivorship are available.

Arrange For Oversight For An Elder Or Disabled Family Member

In addition to the usual estate planning tools, our attorneys at Sarah Cornejo Law, LLC in Woodstock can help you arrange for and manage special family circumstances or the care of a close friend through:

  • A conservatorship
  • A guardianship

Get information and guidance about these legal solutions to common problems such as when a parent or spouse develops dementia.

Schedule A Free Consultation To Discuss Estate Planning

We look forward to helping you understand the power and necessity of estate planning. Prepare to simplify the responsibilities of your estate’s executor after your death with the thoughtful creation of enforceable estate planning documents. Our lawyers will also guide you in creating a conservatorship or guardianship or taking an estate through probate process after a death in the family.

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