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Georgia’s dangerous highways

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Car Accidents

Georgia remains a state with a growing population, which means more traffic on the roads. Both locals and visitors may benefit from being aware of which routes come with added hazards so that everyone can stay safe.

Dangerous roads in Georgia

I-285 stands as the most dangerous road in Georgia as is evidenced by the number of traffic accidents occurring on the interstate. In 2015, 20 people lost their lives on I-285. Be mindful that I-285 includes 1,248 miles of interstate and stretches 59,425 miles. Accidents happen on highways; this highway covers a lot and has 2 million drivers traveling on it daily.

I-85, I-75 and the I-85/I-75 connecter also experience high crashes. Interstate 20 lists as number five, completing the top five most dangerous roads list. Drivers should be additionally careful on these roads, considering their reputation. However, safe driving behaviors often prove wise on any road. The same applies to parking lots and driveways.

Accidents and their causes

Accident prevention sometimes relies on knowing why collisions occur. Whether driving in Georgia or elsewhere, some behaviors increase the chances of motor vehicle accidents. Speeding contributes to accidents across the United States as do tailgating, illegal turns, excessive lane changes, and other dangerous behaviors.

Distractions may lead to crashes, especially on highways where things happen without warning. Or the opposite may occur. A driver might not pay attention and fail to notice how traffic slows down. Rear-end collisions may occur in such instances.

Victims could sue for compensatory and punitive damages if negligence contributed to a car accident. An insurance settlement may cover the claim although negotiations might be necessary.