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Recover Compensation After A Personal Injury In Georgia

Your medical needs may be the same regardless of how you were injured. However, the legal processes for recovering compensation will vary, depending on the circumstances of your accidental injury, such as:

At Sarah Cornejo Law, we help people who have been injured in any of these ways in Georgia to meet statutes of limitation, to communicate effectively with insurers and medical providers, and otherwise pursue maximum available compensation for injuries and losses.

As part of our formula of success, we prepare each case as if for trial. We do this even though most cases settle out of court. Why? Because claims adjusters and other decision-makers take us more seriously when they can easily see that we are ready to go to court if necessary. Thanks to our experience and reputation in personal injury litigation, we also assist other law firms whose attorneys do not normally go to trial.

Elements Of A Personal Injury Claim

As we help you pursue the compensation you need after an injury, we will need to address these separate issues simultaneously:

  • Accident reconstruction
  • Demonstration of liability
  • Evaluation of your injuries
  • Calculation of your losses and projection of your future financial needs

Ultimately, we want to see you receive the financial resources that you need to cover medical treatments, lost wage replacement and acknowledgment of your pain and suffering.

To Maximize Your Financial Recovery, Get Legal Advice Early

The sooner we begin investigating the accident that injured you, the more robust the evidence we can gather will be. Ideally, we need easy access to eyewitnesses, photos of the scene of the accident and compelling statements from your friends, family and coworkers about how your life has changed because of your injuries.

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Initial meetings with our personal injury lawyers are always free. If we represent you, we will do so on a contingency basis.