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Recovering Compensation For People Injured In Car, Truck And Motorcycle Accidents

If you were injured in a crash north of Atlanta or elsewhere in Georgia, you likely need quality medical care. You also need top-notch legal representation to protect your right to collect maximum compensation. At Sarah Cornejo Law in Woodstock, we are familiar with the ins and outs of different types of motor vehicle accidents. Common complicating issues include the following:

  • After a motorcycle accident, another motorist may claim they did not see the motorcycle and, thus, try to avoid responsibility despite having collided with the motorcyclist.
  • Car accident fatalities and serious injuries have been increasing in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic timeframe.
  • Insurance coverage in ride-sharing vehicle accidents can be challenging to pin down.
  • Truck accidents often have to do with truck driver fatigue triggered by pressure from their employers to deliver more cargo faster.

Rest assured that when we represent you after a motor vehicle accident, we will treat you as an individual with critical needs, including payments for:

  • Medical care, physical therapy and, if injuries are severe, durable medical equipment for your home and personal care
  • Lost wages and other personal and family losses
  • Emotional and psychological pain and suffering, and the loss of enjoyment of life

We Are Here To Lighten Your Load

When injuries are serious, it is nearly a full-time job for a patient to get better after a motor vehicle accident. Following doctors’ orders is not only good for your health – it can also be important for your injury claim. An insurance claims adjustment team will be watching you to see if you are making a good-faith effort to get well again.

While you devote your time and efforts to your physical and mental recovery, our trial attorneys can do the heavy lifting to prepare to make an effective injury claim or file a lawsuit that will get results.

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