We Don’t Settle, We Get Justice

Not All Personal Injury Law Firms Focus On Litigation, But We Do

Many personal injury attorneys pride themselves on obtaining hefty settlements for their clients without a need to go to trial. They devote their attention to forming strong attorney-client relationships. They get to know family members and may spend time meeting the practical needs of clients and their families in the aftermath of serious accidents. They may excel on the human side of personal injury representation but rarely or never take a case before a judge and jury.

At Sarah Cornejo Law, we also prioritize our clients’ needs from the start of each case. At the same time, we prepare every case as if for trial, and we often do engage in courtroom contests against insurers whose goals include limiting payouts on injury claims.

Attorney Referrals And Co-Counsel Requests Are Welcome

Because of our well-developed litigation skills and strong track record, our litigators have attracted the attention of legal professionals at other law firms. They often ask our attorneys to pair with them in a co-counsel arrangement for the benefit of their clients. They stay focused on their clients; we prepare legal arguments and presentations for the courtroom. Their clients get two-for-one quality in representation.

We welcome inquiries from other attorneys as well as from clients of other law firms in Georgia or out of state. Those clients sometimes ask us to pitch our services to their lawyers, and we are prepared to do so. Let us take the lead through the litigation that we are known for. Call 770-783-3220 or email us to schedule a free consultation.