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Do I Need To File A Police Report After A Crash?

After a minor traffic accident with no apparent injuries, you and another driver may decide to take care of any repairs yourselves without involving the police. However, filing a report may be helpful in case of controversies or problems afterward. If damages appear to be greater than $500 or if someone was hurt or killed, you must report an auto accident or any accident to the police as soon as you can.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations For Making A Claim?

For most injury and wrongful death claims, the statute of limitations in Georgia is two years. That is, you must file a claim within that time frame. Considering how long it can take to develop a case, you should get an attorney on board much sooner to allow time for investigation.

How Does Liability Work In Georgia?

To hold someone such as a driver liable after an accidental injury or fatal accident in Georgia, you must demonstrate that they were at fault. A prompt investigation initiated by your attorney can be critical for understanding and standing up for your right to compensation.

Who Is Responsible For Car Crashes In Georgia?

Usually, an at-fault driver and their insurer are responsible. If you and another driver were both at fault, the amount of compensation that you can receive may be reduced according to the percentage of your fault. If you were 50% or more at fault, you cannot bring a claim.

Sometimes, at least one of the responsible parties in an accident case is someone other than a driver, such as a bar that served alcohol to that driver, a car parts manufacturer or a government body responsible for road upkeep and signs. Legal counsel and a thorough investigation are critical for determining responsibility, especially when injuries are catastrophic and damages are high.

What Questions Do You Have About Personal Injury In Georgia?

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